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App Tamer 1.1.2

Stop applications from hogging your CPU

App Tamer is a useful application for stopping applications from hogging your CPU resources. View full description


  • Stops apps hogging CPU
  • Special Gaming Mode
  • Clear displays in interface


  • Lag in between switching apps

Very good

App Tamer is a useful application for stopping applications from hogging your CPU resources.

It's good for maintaining stability on your Mac, preventing crashes and conserving battery power. App Tamer "tames" applications with a unique "AutoStop" feature which blocks an applications from consuming CPU when you switch away from it and then automatically restarts it when you click back to it. However, this transition isn't always as smooth as it should be - you may experience a lag when switching back and forth.

App Tamer does however have a very clear interface for managing applications. The display shows the average percentage of your processor being used by each app and graphically displays a history of CPU usage. You can manually activate AutoStop or change its processing priority in OS X. There is a certain amount of code which you need to enter into Terminal to tweak it however and this won't appeal to those that aren't familiar with Terminal and coding.

Overall, App Tamer is definitely worth a try if you find applications hogging your CPU.


  • App Tamer's CPU requirements have been reduced substantially, especially in situations where applications launch and quit often.
  • Added status info to let you know why AutoStop is disabled when you've got the "AutoStop only when running on battery" preference turned on and your computer is not running on battery.
  • App Tamer now stops additional helper applications for Safari and Firefox when the browsers are stopped (Safari Webpage Preview Fetcher,,, org.mozilla.plugincontainer and org.mozilla.updater).
  • Added support for custom web browsers created by
App Tamer


App Tamer 1.1.2